A Whole New Playlist

My next book will be here on January 21, 2021!

If you've been following me, you may have noticed that "my next book" seems to have been The Dragon and The Blackbird. Then it was Cars & Guitars. Now, it's A Whole New Playlist. Confusing, right?

The Dragon and The Blackbird was the working title. I really, really loved it because it came from details within the story. But it sounds like a medieval witches and wizards story, which I am totally into and would definitely read, but this story is not that. It's contemporary, and it has nothing to do with dragons, blackbirds, witches or wizards.

Then I decided on Cars & Guitars. It rhymes, which I love, and it makes sense. The main characters are Macy, who is a classic car photographer, and Talan who is a guitarist. And it looked great on the cover. I went as far as to print proofs of the new book with that title. But there was something about it that wasn't quite right.

So I thought about the story, about elements in it that were really important, and about the arc of the characters. And I thought about what sounded good. I texted my husband and my best friend about a hundred different ideas. I tried them out on the cover, to see how they'd look. Inspiration does not always come in a flash of sudden perfectness. Eventually, the right combination of words, with just the right feel, was there. And it was A Whole New Playlist. 


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