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Sunshine Daydream


To have a future, Bailey must let go of the past.

Bailey holds tight to those she loves— her mom and niece, people she grew up with, friends from her days following the Grateful Dead. She keeps new relationships superficial, unable to stand the idea of letting someone in knowing someday she’ll lose them.


She doesn’t worry about having feelings for Teague. The uptight lawyer is in Vermont for a single purpose- to find a way to get his brother out of jail, then he’s going home. But as days turn to weeks, then months, it becomes obvious there’s a reason he spends his days hanging out at Bailey’s instead of going back to his life.


With Teague a reliable presence in her life, Bailey finally begins to recover from long ago loss. But when her absentee boyfriend shows up, she’s forced to choose between the safety of what she’s always known, or opening her heart to the love she never saw coming.

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